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  1. Hello,

    I’m trying to use CoolVent.

    I’ve installed last version on my laptop, but, unfortunately my internet access is through a proxy server.

    So, when I launch CoolVent, the program tries to check the last version and I get an error message.

    + Downloading did not succeed.
    + The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.

    Is it possible to define a proxy for CoolVent or bypass the last evrsion check?


  2. Congratulations on the great development of this tool! Nice to see how much has been done on the natural ventilation topic in the last 15 years. I noticed you had linked to Brian Dean’s research site. I also performed natural ventilation research work at the same time which is still up at I’d love to find a way to collaborate by providing access to buildings we’ve been involved in with a mixed-mode or natural ventilation scheme.

  3. Hello, I am trying to install coolvent in my computer, but is a Mac and the file does’t run. Do you have a Mac version?
    Thank you very much

  4. Hi
    I’m getting this error when trying to visualize the results:

    Could not find file ‘C:\User\me\AppData\Local\Apps\……..\TemperatureOutput.txt’

    • Hi. if both java and .net framework have been properly installed, this problem is generally related to the decimal indicator. In the US we use a point, instead of a comma to separate decimals from integers. To solve this problem, it is necessary to change the computer configuration from a comma to a period as decimal separator.

  5. May I ask if the weather files downloaded from Energyplus can be used in CoolVent since I would like to work on another city in Europe? Thank you.

    • Yes, you can. You can use .epw files by selecting “Other” in the city combobox and then click on the Browse button to select the weather file you want to use

      • Great! May I ask if we could export the weather files which already implemented in CoolVent so I have an idea how it looks like? Besides, do you have some standard case studies (detailed information about the parameters settings, like a tutorial)so that I can practice? Right now I used the data provided by Maria-Alejandra Menchaca-B. at chapter 9 of her phd thesis (2012, MIT) to model a steady case, but I got really weird results. Thank you.

  6. Hi NatVent
    It is possible to know the wind pressure coefficient that CoolVent uses for urban low rise context?

    • CoolVent uses the method by Swami and Chandra in: “Correlations for pressure distribution on buildings and calculation of natural ventilation airflow”. ASHRAE Transactions 94(1), p. 243-266

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